Video Supergame 64

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The Commodore bundle or set Video Supergame 64 was sold especially at the supermarket discounter ALDI and the supermarket chain VOBIS for 300 DM in 1988 and 1989 (first sale from about June 1988) and contains the following components:

Purchased parts package[edit]

Parts in the "Video Supergame 64" in 1988:

  • Computer (C64G)
  • Power Supply
  • German Manual C64 ("coloured cover", Sybex version)
  • Manual Super Games
  • Aerial cable
  • Cartridge "Super Games 64"
  • Joystick C-1342
  • Commodore warranty card
  • Styrofoam upper and lower part
  • Cardboard package "Video Supergame 64"
  • Cardboard package "C-1342"
  • Cardboard package for joystick + cartridge


The complete Video Supergame 64 bundle