Boys without Brains

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Boys without Brains
Founded 1985
Sector Software, preservation and graphics

The netherlands demoscene group "Boys without Brains" was founded in year 1985.

In the first time the group was developed serveral demo's for the C64.

After that the game developement was started. Popular C64 games from this group was Hawkeye published by Thalamus and Flimbo's Quest published by System 3.

In the 1990s years bothe games was converted to the Amiga trough his new founded game development studio Euphoria.

After the ruin of Commodore the game developmente was changed to PC computers.

Existed out of at least 4 members ( I think it was 5 in total):

  • Mario van Zeist
  • Jacco van het Riet
  • Arthur van Jole
  • Laurens van der Donk

C64 games (Selection)[edit | edit source]

Animation of "Hawkeye" (1988).
Dia show from the game "Flimbo's Quest" (1990).

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