The Thriller Pack (Collection)

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The Thriller Pack (Collection)
Company Paxman Promotions
Developer {{{Developer}}}
Publisher Prism Leisure Corporation
Release 1988, 1992
Platform(s) C64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Genre Sport
Media Datassette, Diskette
Language Language:english
Article number
Price about 20 - 25 DM
Information Other edition: The New Thriller Pack without Friday the 13th - The Computer Game

The A View to a Kill Pack is a computer games collection consitisting of 6 games on a disk or on datasettes, because the subtitle is 6 Great Games On One Disk or 6 Great Games On One Tape.

It is not so easy to find out the exact title. On the wrapping it says Commodore 64 Pax C12, on the manual the title "A View to a Kill Pack" is printed and on the disk you can only read the shortage "AVTAK Pack". The collection was issued by Paxman Promotions and marketed by Prism Leisure. Unfortunately, the date of issue cannot be found on the original.

The following games are contained in this collection:

"The New Thriller Pack" is almost identical to the "A View to a Kill Pack", but "Friday the 13th - The Computer Game" is not included.

Further game collections of this series are: The Action Pack * The Addicta Pack * The Hit Pack * The Power Pack * The Sports Pack * Pack of Aces * Pub Games * 20 Golden Oldies



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