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Publisher CMD
Release 198?
Platform C64
Genre Disk Utility
Operation Keyboard
Media Diskette
Language(s) Language:english

WCOPY+ is a utility program from the CMD utilities disk. This program was designed to be able to transfer files from Commodore formatted disks (GCR) to/from DOS formatted disks (MFM), as well as CPM disks. This provides a huge advantage over cable-based methods due to ease of use.

The main screen is basically divided into three parts: Source, Target, and Other functions. The user selects a source drive by pressing the F1  key (provides a list of drive numbers connected). The source type is identified by pressing the F5  key. The target disk drive (where the copied file(s) go), is selected by pressing the F3  key. Format type is detected by pressing the F7  key.

This program requires two disk drives, allows selection of partitions, offers selection of one or multiple files to copy (any combination of disk format types), and additional disk commands.

Disk drive types recognized are all standard Commodore drives and CMD hardware.