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SpeedDOS plus start

SpeedDOS is a fast loader for the C64, VIC-20, CBM 8032SK and the Floppy 1541. Developed by Oliver Eikemeier and Oliver Joppich, and sell since 1984 for the company "Elektronik Service – Christoph Dichte".

There are several versions of SpedDOS the more common SpeedDOS plus, this article refers to the last one.

SpeedDOS is a hardware-based fast loader and must be permanently installed in the C64 and 1541. The disk drive is additionally connected to the C64 by a special parallel cable. Only through this connection does the SpeedDOS routine work. The boards are designed so that they can be plugged into appropriate sockets of existing EPROMs. In newer versions of the C64 and the 1541, the unsocked EPROMs must be soldered and replaced by corresponding EPROM sockets.

SpeedDOS extends the traditional C64 and 1541 features:

  • Faster load and save through 8-bit parallel data transmission (instead of normal serial transmission).
  • Default function key assignment.
  • Simplifies and extends the handling of the floppy commands of CBM-DOS.
  • Has a simple built-in machine language monitor.
  • Extends the BASIC V2 with simplified LOAD and SAVE, an improved LIST, a LIST editor, an UNNEW and the use of dual, octal and hexadecimal numbers in programs and calls.
  • The on-screen editor receives advanced functions (such as pausing scrolling, deleting end-of-line, ending insert mode, etc.) by additional key combination.
  • Hard copy print routine for the text screen.
  • Centronics interface (becomes automatically active when SpeedDOS connector is off and Centronics connector is on).
  • Reset extension when using reset buttons (using keyboard shortcuts prevents a plug-in module start or starts in the monitor).
  • For reasons of space, SpeedDOS removes the routines for controlling the Datasette and RS-232 interfaces.

Function key assignment[edit | edit source]

The function keys have been simplified for ease of operation with the following Commands occupied:

The function keys are assigned under SpeedDOS as follows:

  • F1  LIST: Displays the Listing of the current program (screen is cleared beforehand).
  • F2  MONITOR: Calls up the internal Machine Monitor.
  • F3  RUN: executes the BASIC command of the same name (screen will be deleted first).
  • F4  OFF: Disables the function key assignment and the CBM-DOS extension. Activate with the key combination C=  +  .
  • F5  LOAD: Load the first program from floppy disk or load the program onto which the directory previously displayed in the screen editor has been positioned.
  • F6  SAVE: The sequence SAVE " is output, which must be completed via the on-screen editor and stores a program on a floppy disk.
  • F7  CATALOG: Display disk contents (Directory) without losing the program (screen will be deleted beforehand).
  • F8  SWITCH: Switches between device address 8 and 9 for the floppy disk drive.

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