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For the American computer magazine RUN, see RUN !

Cover of RUN 6/1986

RUN was a German computer magazine, which was published from June 1984 to December 1987 (last edition 01/1988) by the publisher CW-Publikationen, which is a subsidiary company of the publisher IDG.

The information content was infos about hard- and software (games included), hints, coding languages and programlistings for different computersystems like C16, C116, C128, Plus/4 or Amiga, whereas the focal point was the Commodore 64. Since 1985 is exists for easy writting of the programlistings tools like "Supperkorrektor" (for BASIC) and "Checker für Maschinenprogramme" (for Assembler).

Special Edition of RUN
RUN-o-thek, the RUN service floppy disk


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