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The American computer magazine RUN was was published from 1984 to December 1992 for Northamerica, Canada, Mexiko and United Kingdom by the publisher CWC Publication and later by IDG Communicators. In the first time the magazine appears monthly, in the last two years bimonthly. The focal point was the computersystems VIC-20 (in the early years), VIC-64 and C128 (in the later years).

In the first issues a lot of computer programs was printed as (BASIC-)listings, which must start after typewriting with the BASIC command RUN. Later program service floppy disks or tapes are sold with the published listings known as Re-RUN disks.

It was published 5 special issues with the best programs and content of famous RUN articles.

Also from 1984 until 1987 it was published a similair German computer magazine also called RUN by the German subsidiary company of the publisher IDG in Germany.

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