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Disambiguation The title of this article is ambiguous. RETURN (Disambiguation).

With the key <RETURN> or RETURN  are finished data inputs by the homecomputers like the C64/128 or VIC-20. After using the key RETURN  BASIC commands will be executed, data inputs (through the INPUT command) will be processed and entered command lines will be saved into the BASIC-RAM. Also the key RETURN  is called enter key.


The controlling of the key RETURN  in programs isn't easy, because the function of the key RETURN  is always there! The following methods show ways for controlling the key RETURN :

With the BASIC command GET[edit]

By using the ASCII code 13 for <RETURN> with CHR$(13):

10 PRINT "Please, push any..."
20 PRINT "...key";
30 GET A$ : IF A$="" THEN 30
40 IF A$ = CHR$(13) THEN PRINT ":<RETURN> - The program ends here !" : END
50 PRINT ":"A$ : GOTO 20

The program ends with pushing the key RETURN . Each key (without the key RUN/STOP ) can be pushed.

With the BASIC command PEEK[edit]

10 REM *** Break with RUN/STOP ***
11 PRINT : PRINT "Please, push any key..."
12 T = PEEK(197): IF T = 64 THEN 12
13 PRINT "You push the key code: "; T 
14 IF T = 1 THEN PRINT "!!! This was the key <RETURN> !!!"
15 GOTO 11