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Commodore employed a variation of the standard ASCII commonly referred to as PETSCII or PETASCII. This variation included a set of graphical symbols, in addition to the normal ASCII character set.

While the standard ASCII character set limited itself to 127 values, Commodore's PETSCII included 192 values to include their extended graphics characters.

PETSCII was first introduced with the Commodore PET to allow for simple, character-based graphics for game support. The character set was repeated in the Commodore VIC-20, C64, CBM-II, Plus/4, C16, C116, C128, and the X16.

ASCII-Code of C64 (German layout)
Codes 192-223 as codes  96-127
Codes 224-254 as codes 160-190
Code  255     as code  126
Code   14 Big / small letters / chars
Code  142 Big / graphic letters / chars

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