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Caricature of a BASIC programmer from the "INPUT 64 Typensammlung; Teil 5: Der BASIC-Freak" (INPUT 64 issue 06/1987).

A programmer is someone who writes, tests, debugs and maintains computer software. Computer programs consist of a series of instructions that perform a task of some sort, such as a simple calculator function or something very complex such as a video game.

Unlike almost all modern computers, individual instructions can be given directly to computers such as the C64 from devices such as the keyboard, tape or floppy drives. In most cases the command will be carried out, or executed, in direct mode, in other words as soon as the return or enter key is pressed. However, only in the very loosest sense would this be considered programming. Instead, a program will usually have two or more instructions that include a sequence of steps, a loop from one instruction to another until a condition is met, or a branching command is met that instructs the program to jump to another instruction.

It is the job of computer programmers to form the three constructs of sequence, loop and branch, that form the basis of almost all computer programs, into something useful or desirable.

Nowadays, the job titles of coder or software developer are also used for programmers.

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