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Magic Voice
Magic Voice
Type: Voice Cartridge
Producer: Commodore
Price: $59.95
Released: 1984
Discontinued: 1984
Processor: Voice Synthesizer: T6721AP @ 640 kHz
Memory: 128 kB
OS: Firmware in ROM

Description[edit | edit source]

Magic Voice will be plugged directly into the cartridge port of Commodore 64 or SX-64 Portable Computer. It's possible use diskette, tape or cartridge software with the Magic Voice cartridge. Cartridges will be plugged into the Magic Voice's top-loading cartridge port. The Magic Voice will give voice to programs that talk. Commodore's talking software series included learning program A Bee C's and games Wizard of Wor and Gorf.

According to the manual the Magic Voice speaks in a pleasent female voice, and has the ability to generate natural sounding human speech using male, female, children's and character voices. The module comes with its own built-in vocabulary of 235 utterances. Magic Voice could be used in BASIC and Assembly language programs.

Photos[edit | edit source]

Front cover of the box of Magic Voice
Back cover of the box of Magic Voice

Magic Voice cartridge
Magic Voice cartridge with installed Wizard of Wor game cartridge

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