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International Business Machines Corporation
Founded 16 Juni 1911
Headquarters Armonk, USA
Employees >434.000
Key People (choice) Thomas J. Watson
Sector Computer Software, Computer Hardware

Today, the company International Business Machines, Corporation (short: IBM), is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation, which is also called Big Blue and a big player for the computer and information technology in the world.

IBM produce a lot of computer equipment as CPUs, chips, PCs and server systems and peripherals, also developed software.


In 1911 the company was founded as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company (short: CTR) through a merger of three other companies: Tabulating Machine Company, International Time Recording Company and Computing Scale Company. Its today's company name was rename in 1924.

Very popular was IBM through the introducing of the PC in 1981, which is found in many households of the industrial nations today. The first PC contain a Intel 8088 CPU, 64 KB RAM and a disk drive. The first OS was IBM PC-DOS or MS-DOS. The first versions of IBM-/MS-DOS had a text editor and a BASIC compiler (QBASIC). This standard was the start of build own PC version by several manufactors. These PCs are called "IBM compatible".

Also IBM developed his own operating systems like IBM PC-DOS and OS/2, which aren't developed further.


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