Commodore Sound Expander

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Commodore Sound Expander
The Commodore Sound Expander cartridge
Type: Cartridge
Producer: Commodore/Music Sales Limited
Price: 125 US$; 99.99 £; 399 DM (ca. 200 €)
Released: 1985
Discontinued: 1986

The Commodore Sound Expander is a sound synthesizer cartridge for the Commodore 64. It was developed by Richard Watts. This cartridge was produced by Music Sales Limited in the UK and marketed by Commodore.


[edit] Installation

The cartridge is plugged in into the expansion port of a powerlesss C64. The audio plug can be plugged in into speakers or devices which have a speaker plug in.

[edit] Software

Software the amazing "Riff Machine" on tape or floppy disk.

[edit] Manual

A manual (user's guide) exists, but provides very little technical information. And also the audio lead book "Start Playing Keyboard - The SFX-Tutor" by Peter Lavender.

[edit] Programming


[edit] Technical Details

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