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C64 Studio
C64 Studio
Developer Georg Rottensteiner
Release 2011
Licence Freeware, Open Source
Platform PC (Windows, .NET)
Genre Cross-Development IDE
Operation Keyboard
Media -
Language(s) Language:english

C64 Studio is a useful Commodore development environment for Windows, which has been actively developed by Georg Rottensteiner since 2011.The program is focused on supporting C64 assembler and Basic V2, but also includes a number of handy tools as listed below.

It is published as Freeware, and the source code can be downloaded at GitHub (https://github.com/GeorgRottensteiner/C64Studio/).
The current version is 7.6, which was released on 13th October, 2023.

The user manual of C64 Studio and other documentation (http://unusedino.de/ec64/technical/aay/c64) is included in the offline help (available with the function key F1 ).

Overview[edit | edit source]

The main programming tools in C64 Studio are:

Debugging[edit | edit source]

A special feature of C64 Studio is the debugging function with the remote monitor of VICE (step in, step over, step out). Also shown are register and memory contents.

Assembler[edit | edit source]

The assembler syntax used in C64 Studio is similar to the standard configuration of ACME. The assembler also supports other syntaxes (PDS, DASM, etc.).

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