C64 Games System (Cartridge Collection)

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C64 Games System (Cartridge Collection)
Type: Cartridge
Producer: Commodore UK Ltd.
Price: Part of C64 Games System
Released: 1990
Discontinued: 1990
Memory: 512 KByte ROM
Info: Cartridge-ID: 15

On the cartridge C64 Games System for the game console of the same name by Commodore was a computer games collection issued on one cartridge in 1990. It can also be used on a C64/128.


The follwing C64 games, which are a little modify, because the C64 GS hasn't a keyboard and has only 2 joystick ports, are on this cartridge:

  1. Flimbos's Quest (arcade) by System 3
  2. International Soccer (soccer simulation) by Commodore
  3. Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun (arcade) by Gray Matter/Mindscape
  4. Klax (skill) by Domark

Technical Details[edit]


The black plastic case without screws is very easy to open, is very soft and has a weight of 40 g.


Start screen.

The dimensions of the board are only 58 × 34 mm. This was maked by SMD placement. The 512 KByte large ROM chip are 903327. The control logic is realised by the two chips (74HCT02 and 74HCT174).

Cartridge board.

Circuit Diagram[edit]

Circuit diagram of the cartrdige.