Big Five Software

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Big Five Software
Founded 1982
Closed 1984
Headquarters California, USA
Manager Bill Hogue
Key People (choice) Bill Hogue, Jeff Konyu, Curtis Mikolyski
Sector Video and computer games
Website Big Five Software

Big Five Software was a small video game developer of the 80's. The company was founded by Bill Hogues for publishing the computer game Super Nova for TRS-80. The advertising for this game appears only in a few computer magazines.

Through the fantastic selling of Super Nova the company earns money, that was invested in office rooms for the company. After a few months the company growth up.

A very great hit was the computer game Miner 2049'er of the daughter company Big Five Software, which was a part of the company S. Bigfoot, Inc.. The follower game Bounty Bob Strikes Back! wasn't good selling, because the video game crash in 1983 ruins a lot of video games companies, also Big Five Software.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

The cartridges was assembled in self production. Also Trisstick was sold, which was a modified joystick Atari CX40, that has inside a new circuit board for using on a TRS-80.
In Europe was the games from Big Five Software published by U.S. Gold.
Through the great success of Miner 2049'er the most of the variants of Miner 2049'er and Bounty Bob Strikes Back! was produced by other game comapnies under license.

Games (Selection)[edit | edit source]

This games published also for the C64:

Links[edit | edit source]

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