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The label TRS-80 is a name of a computer series, which in 1977 - 1984 was produced by Tandy Corporation, also Tandy RadioShack, later renamed in Radio Shack. The 80 remains at the CPU Zilog Z80, which was build into the first TRS-80 computers. Also portable and handheld computers (better pocket calculators) was selled under the label TRS-80.

Here is a short list of the produced different home computer systems:

  1. TRS-80 with Z80 CPU, since 1977 (compatible with the Video Genie, line since 1981):
    • Model I/III/4/4P
    • Model II/12/16/16B
  2. TRS-80 Color Computer (also known as "CoCo") with MOS Technology 6809 CPU:
    • CoCo 1: with lower RAM, since 1980 (compatible with the Dragon 32/64, since 1982).
    • CoCo 2: the same design as model, also with more RAM (up to 64 KB) and compatible with OS-9, since 1983.
    • CoCo 3: expanded graphics and a minimum of 128 KBRAM, since 1986.
  3. TRS-80 MC-10 (Motorola 6803 CPU with only 4 KByte RAM and 8 KByte ROM): Beginner computer system against the computers ZX-81 or VIC-20, since 1983.

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