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Start screen with standard colors of a C64

The memory address 53281 ($D021) is used for the background color of characters and graphics (HiRes) of the C64 and is set in BASIC with POKE 53281,X, where X is a number from 0 to 15, giving a total of 16 colors.

The standard colors of the C64 are:


10 X = X +1: IF X>15 THEN X=0
20 POKE 53281,X: POKE 646,X
30 PRINT " * C64-WIKI DEMO ";
40 FOR Z=0 TO 150: NEXT Z: GOTO 10

This C64-Wiki demo program prints screen text in all of the different colors available and cycles through the background colors - break by pushing the RUN/STOP key.