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Start screen with standard colors of a C64.
A cracker intro, which has raster bars in the screen frame.

The memory address 53280 ($D020) is used for the frame color of the screen and is setting under BASIC with POKE 53280,X. It can be used one of 16 colors.

The standard color of the C64 is:

In machine languages can manipulate the screen frame for showing chars, sprites and raster bars.


10 X = X +1: IF X>15 THEN X=0
20 POKE 53280,X: POKE 646,X
30 PRINT " * C64-WIKI DEMO ";
40 FOR Z=0 TO 150: NEXT Z: GOTO 10

This C64-Wiki demo program changes permanently the frame and text color - break with pushing the key RUN/STOP