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The computer magazines Your Computer were published monthly in Australia and England. Despite having the same name they were different publications, as noted below. However, both catered for the home computer market for beginners, advanced and experts and for different computer systems like C64, Amiga, Atari or Spectrum.

British Mag[edit | edit source]

The British computer mag Your Computer (ISSN 0263-0885) was published monthly by the publisher IPC Electrical-Electronic Press from 1981 until issue 08/1988. Its subtitle was: "Britain's biggest selling home computer magazine".

Australian Mag[edit | edit source]

The Australian computer mag Your Computer (ISSN 0725-3931) was published monthly by the publisher White House Publishing Group from 1981 until issue May/June 1997. In the beginning its subtitle was "magazine for business and pleasure", then in the 1990s "making your micro work".

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