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The British computer magazine Your Commodore or short YC (ISSN 0269-8277) has got in the first time the subtitle "Your best independent Commodore Magazine". It costs 80 pence and was published monthly by Argus Specialist Publication. The first issue was published in October 1984. The last issue appears after 84 issues in October 1991.

In the first years it was a technically oriented magazine with articles on programming, hardware, business software and computer games with focus on C64. A lot of listings was also inside.

Since issue November 1985 the magazine had incorporated the magazine Your 64.

The magazine was relaunched with the issue January 1990 (1.95 Pound). These issues has a new designed cover and the shorten magazine name YC with a new focus on computer games (the new subtitle "Your Commodore - The FUN Magazine"). A cover datasette with demos and games was inside.

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