Commodore 1571

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Commodore 1571
1571 (German model)
Type: Disk drive
Producer: Commodore
Price: ?US$
Released: 1985
Discontinued: 1993
OS: CBM-DOS 3.0/3.1
Info: differents designs
Forerunner: 1570

The 1571 or Commodore 1571 was a diskdrive made by Commodore as a companion for the C128 in 1985. It is superior to the 1541 in that it can use both sides of the disk, and it has a high speed mode only available on the 128. The 1571 is completely backwards compatible with the C64. When attached to a 64, or a 128 in C64 mode, it will boot into 1541 emulation mode. This emulation is nearly perfect. It is also possible to use the 1571 to read and write disks that have been written on both sides. The 1571 also has a controller that is capable of reading MFM (PC) formatted disks, which makes transferring disks images easier (with the right software, of course).

This drive was built as a replacement to the 1541 series and when coupled with the Commodore 128, has enhancements for greater speed, capacity, etc.

The following is a rundown of features:

Technical Data[edit | edit source]

  • Chips used: 6502A (CPU) running at 1-2MHz, 6522, 6526
  • ROM with 32 KByte: 23256
  • RAM with 2 KByte: 6116
  • Gate Array: 64H156/64H157
  • Analog switch: R/W hybrid circuit
  • Disk-Controller: WD 1770
  • Dimensions: 76 × 216 × 346 mm
  • Weigth: 2,8 kg
  • Power supply: 100, 120, 220 or 240V with 50 or 60 Hz
  • Power input: 25W

Storage[edit | edit source]

GCR format
                               Single sided          double sided
Total unformatted capacity     252019 bytes         252019*2 bytes
Total formatted capacity       174848 bytes         349696 bytes
Maximum Sequential file size   168656 bytes         337312 bytes
Maximum Relative file size     167132 bytes         167132 bytes
Record per file                65535                65535
Files per diskette             144                  144
Tracks per diskette            35                   70
Sectors per track              17-21                17-21
Sectors per diskette           683 total            1366 total
Blocks available               664 free             1328 free
Bytes per sector               256                  256

MFM format

Total unformatted capacity     500000 bytes per side
Total formatted capacity
Sector Size 128               133120 bytes per side
Sector Size 256               163840 bytes per side
Sector Size 512               184320 bytes per side
Sector Size 1024              207800 bytes per side
Maximum tracks per disk        40x2 sides
Sectors per track
Sector Size 128               26
Sector Size 256               16
Sector Size 512                9
Sector Size 1024               5

Disk Image Format[edit | edit source]

Disks for the 1571 disk drive are represented by the D71 disk image format. These disk images are used to transmit entire disks for use with emulators and mass storage devices.

Setting the Device number[edit | edit source]

The 1571 has two switches on the back that allow to set the device number:

Device Left Switch Right Switch
8 up up
9 down up
10 up down
11 down down

Links[edit | edit source]

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