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Hi, I'm BinaryDane, or more formally I'm Søren Peo Pedersen. And as my username implies, I live in Denmark.

My voyage into the "world of computing" started with the SX-64 back in 1985, doing more programming stuff than playing games. If you see an odd little word processing application called Samic Text, I coded that back around 1988 – and passed a few work-in-progress copies of it amongst some friends. I've also tinkered a bit with add-on electronics, like adding and oldschool morse key (!) to the 64, or a module that adds autofire capabilities and more to any joystick.

During recent years, I've compiled a bunch of "programmer's notes", e.g. memory maps, lists and tables of interesting/useful routines in ROM, etc., and all of a sudden I happen to "stumble" onto the perfect online place to put these notes: Right here! But since I probably speak/write worse german than the average german does english, I'll kindly refrain from tampering with anything on the german C64-wiki... ;-)

I'm also a long-time contributor at the danish Wikipedia, and have added numerous illustrations to the Wikimedia Commons media depository, so I come with some experience with Wikicode etc.