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The following table gives an overview of the chronological development of important C64 demos.

For games and applications see the articles Timetable of C64 games or Timetable of C64 applications.

Timetable[edit | edit source]

Intentionally not all fields are filled because only demos are mentioned, which stand out by innovations regarding technical realization (graphics, optical effects, music) or an original plot. Reasons for this can be found below.

Year One-File Multi-File Game Intro Diskmag REU
1982 Commodore 64 Christmas Album [1]
1985 'Notlandung'[2], Flash XI[3]
1986 ESCOS I[4]
1987 Futurevision #1[5], Think Twice[6]
1989 Einstein IV[7] So-Phisticated III[8]
Year One-File Multi-File Game Intro Diskmag REU
1991 Dutch Breeze[9]
1995 Mathematica Zone of Darkness[10]
1996 Krestology[11]
Year One-File Multi-File Game Intro Diskmag REU
2002 La Linea[12]
2007 Desert Dream[13]
2008 BASIC sprite multiplexer[14] Edge of Disgrace[15]
Year One-File Multi-File Game Intro Diskmag REU
2010 BluREU[16]
2012 Coma Light 13[17], Artphosis[18] BluREU 3D[19]
2013 Safe VSP[20] Wonderland XII[21]
2014 Uncensored[22]
2015 Comaland[23] DAWN #1 [24]
2018 Unboxed[25], Game Art Beyond[26]
2019 Instinct[27] Rivalry[28] Another World Intro[29]
Year One-File Multi-File Game Intro Diskmag REU
2023 Next Level[30]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. very first C64 demo, made from PETSCII graphics and sprites for store presentation with price insertion at the end
  2. (emergency landing) funny BASIC-Demo, in which a helicopter pilot lands on a platform and urinates
  3. first demo with sprites in borders
  4. first ESCOS demo with pictures using a sprite-multiplexer that fills the complete screen of the monitor (including the boarders)
  5. originel filmlike plot (jailbreak, escape of an agent) in reference to the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" ('submarine car') with a musical cover of the pop song "Twilight Zone" by the group "Golden Earring"
  6. ESCOS-routine simulating a black and white noise image through all frames including one upscroller; first demo using FLD technique
  7. innovative wash-out effect due to sprite overlay shift of the head motif
  8. first demo containing FLI graphics CSDb - Release No. 11667
  9. -
  10. big vector car steers through dark forest landscape to very atmospheric creepy music
  11. -
  12. conversion of an episode with the famous cartoon character of the Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli
  13. Resource & Chorus converted the classic Amiga demo from the group Kefrens for the C64
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. impressive comic greetings part, perspective scroller
  18. -
  19. first 3D demo designed for 3D glasses
  20. first VSP-Demo, using a stable VSP routine that runs on all C64 models
  21. -
  22. zoomscroll through all boarders, 360° rotating rasterbars
  23. animated and zoomed vector stick figure
  24. first mix of HIRES text und MULTICOLOR Bitmap on the same horizontal line
  25. -
  26. Slideshow with enhanced cover images of classic game titles including musical remixes
  27. -
  28. first demo with DYPP-Routine (Bonzai) going through all borders
  29. Conversion of the intro of the classic Amiga game
  30. The demo contains a part in which scenes of over 100 old C64 games are shown, which have been placed on only one side of the disk. CSDb - Release No. 232976

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