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The first Canadian newsletter or computer magazine was The Transactor (ISSN 0827-2530 and ISSN 0838-0183). It was published from 1978 to August 1989 for the "PET User Groups" in cooperation with Commodore Systems in Canada.

The first issues of Transactor were edited on PETs and printed out with CBM printers like a CBM 8032. These issues did not contain a lot advertisement.

After Commodore launched his house computer magazine Commodore INTERFACE (later: commodore - the microcomputer magazine) in 1980, Transactor should be stopped, but starting from volume 4 (1983) the magazine could be published again with the new publisher Canadian Micro Distributors, Ltd.. Since volume 4, issue 4 the publisher was changed to Transactor Publishing Inc.. The last issues were published by Croftward Publishing Inc. (volume 9, issue 2).

Also some interesting books were published as e.g.:

  • The Best of The Transactor (Volume 1 & 2)
  • The Transactor Book of Bits and Pieces #1
  • The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology

The first editor was Karl J. H. Hilton (until volume 7, issue 6). A lot of authors wrote for The Transactor like Jim Butterfield, Dave Berezowski, Doona Green, Paul Higginbottom, Dave Hook, Eike Kaiser, Bill MacLean and John Stoveken. Short and longer listings were printed in Transactor. Since September 1983 extra 5,25" floppy disks with collected listings of the issues were sold.

In the beginning the focus was on PET and CBM computers. After selling the homecomputers VIC-20, C64/128 and Amiga the focus changed.

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