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While loading this game from the datassette, I remember you could play a sort of "space invaders"! It was the only game for the C=64 that had this feature that I remember.

  • That's from one of the re-releases of the game, the 1984 original release did not have this. Google for invade-a-load, it was on some other games too.

Game logic

The time scale of the game can be viewed in two different ways, and the game seems to be a mix between the two views:

  1. The driving is done on the map and then the driving sequence is a repeat of the same time. The way the yellow ghosts behave follows this view, since it's the time you cross them on the map that counts and they then freeze since the game can not know whether you will catch them until the driving sequence (they are like in a half-dead superposition state ;).
  2. The map part is just a planning of the route with the car standing still and the driving sequence is the actual driving. The PK energy counter and some other things such as the time you have until a ghost leaves seems to follow this view.

Highscore[edit source]

$52.800 ??? How does that work? More than $30.000 is impossible! --

Why isn't this not possible? We have here another highscore about $38.500. Is this highscore always wrong?
Are always the max. score limited at $30.000? --Jodigi (talk) 23:34, 12 April 2021 (CEST)
I also say: This is impossible. But I like to be proved otherwise. --Shmendric (talk) 09:07, 13 April 2021 (CEST)
Possible. It was not easy: catch all the ghosts, avoid all marshmallow alerts, and finally get into Zuul.
However, $999,000 is possible if you cheat. ;) --Qdiace
Straight from the horse's mouth :) I would never have thought it possible. Respect. --Shmendric (talk)