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This article is incredibly Germany-centric[edit source]

This entire article is written almost entirely from a German POV. It doesn't even mention what happened elsewhere in Europe, let alone North America/Australia. Appley-Cat 21:21, 14 February 2020‎

A general article is always the view of the most authors who write this article. It is true many authors are grown up in Germany and also live there.
Also this article was translated from our other project
How can German people exact known that for ca. 35 years exact happens in Australia, North America or Europe?
But the other problem is, that can people known, who live in other countries, about the facts in Germany?
The first questions by great projects are also who starts this and begins writting. - This people are often fans, freaks or enthusiasts.
This step is always a very difficult step for new projects and for new articles...
The second question is always that is missing, are all the facts true, are all informations correct, etc.
How do you want to improve this article?
PS: We do our best to make the Commodore 64 great again! --Jodigi (talk) 23:45, 14 February 2020 (CET)