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PET version of VisiCalc (1980).

A spreadsheet is a program or application to accomplish repeating calculation automatically from a more or less large set of numbers which may be connected with formulas. Several functions covering arithmetic's and such from the logic and statistics domain or business calculations but also formatting oriented and organizational tasks are provided for use in formulas. In addition, support to display results with graphical tools and generating diagrams are often included.

The first spreadsheet program for microcomputers was VisiCalc in 1979, which was developed for the Apple II and later for other computer systems like PET/CBM and platforms like CP/M or DOS. In the next years a lot of VisiCalc clones are published, but with a larger function set and more comfortable usage compared to the original.

Today a spreadsheet is just a part of an office package with the advantage that data is easily shared among its applications.

Spreadsheets for C64/128[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Multiplan 1.06 (1983).
SpeedCalc (1986).
  • Better Working Spreadsheet, 1985, Spinnaker
  • BusiCalc (Personal Financial Worksheet), 1983, Main Street Publishing, Publisher: Supersoft
  • Cal-Kit, 1985
  • Calc Result (Easy, Advanced), 1985, Handic Software AB
  • EasyCalc 64, 1983, Commodore
  • Easyware Spreadsheet
  • Easy Working Planner 1.01, 1987, Spinnaker Software
  • geoCalc, Berkeley Softworks
  • INPUT-Calc 64/128 (INPUT 64)
  • Insta-Calc, 1983, Cimarron
  • PractiCalc v1.01, 1982 PractiCorp International
  • Practicalc Plus, 1983, Computer Software Associates
  • Microsoft Multiplan 1.06 (auch CP/M), 1983, later MS Excel
  • SpeedCalc (Compute!)
  • SynCalc, 1985, Synapse
  • SwiftCalc, 1983, Timeworks
  • SwiftCalc 128
  • Swift Sheet (C64/128), 1987, COSMI Corporation
  • SuperCalc (also CP/M version), 1980, Sorcim, (1984 bought by Computer Associates)
  • TabCalc (INPUT 64)
  • ValueCalc 1.00, 1986, Melody Hall Publishing Corp.

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