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PILOT start screen

Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching, short PILOT, is an interpreted language designed for Computer Assisted Instruction (short: CAI) by educators. It is similair Logo.

For the C64 Commodore sold "The PILOT / COMMON PILOT" (coding language for developing chars, sprites, music, sound, etc.; C64106; 1983) on disk with the manual "PILOT For the Commodore 64".

Using[edit | edit source]

The PILOT-compiler can load and start normally. After starting the start screen appears in the standard mode (normal mode) with the input prompt PILOT:.

Keys and commands[edit | edit source]

L  for loading a program after entering file name and hitting RETURN 
R  for running a loaded PILOT-program
S  for saving a program after entering a file name and hitting RETURN 
I  for printing out the program on a printer
I  for starting the  immediate mode
E  for the editor modus to change something at a PILOT program. Remake: Changes are do without hitting RETURN 
RUN/STOP  for breaking and ending a running program or command, or changing into the normal mode
F2  for clearing the compiler screen, and reset the default colors
F8  for ending the compiler through a reset

Disk Image[edit | edit source]

PILOT listing from the program LA.
52   "PILOT"            prg (main program for teachers)
52   "PILOTR"           prg (RUN-only version of compiler for students)
22   "BOX"              prg (demo box)
19   "ALPHABET"         prg (demo alphabet)
15   "LA"               prg (demo)
19   "SPRITES"          prg (sprite editor)
12   "SOUND"            prg (synthesizer)
473 blocks free.

Links[edit | edit source]

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