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PET 64
Commodore 4064 (PET 64)
Type: Computer
Producer: Commodore
Price: 500 US$, (ca. 1500 DM, 750 €)
Released: 1982
Discontinued: 1994
Processor: MOS 6510 @ 1 MHz
Memory: 64 KByte, upgradeable
Info: - alias CBM4064, Educator 64-1, Educator 64-2.
-only for schools.

In the beginning 1980's Commodore produced two models of a computer for northamericans schools, that based on a C64 in a PET case. It exists two models, that are the PET 64 (Educator 64-1) and the Educator 64-2. Please, don't confound it with the earlier produced "Teachers' PET", which is a real PET 2001-8N!

PET 64[edit]

The PET 64 - also known as CBM 4064 or Educator 64-1 - and the - is a computer from the company Commodore, which is a C64 based computer system integrated in a case of a CBM/PET 4000 included a monochrome monitor with a speaker and a modify C64 KERNAL, which allows only black and white colors. It is also called CBM4064. The last models of the PET 64 has a coloured monitor. The weight of a PET 64 was round about 20 kg. The PET 64 was sold only for US schools.

Start screen of a PET64

Educator 64-2[edit]

The Educator 64-2 has a green monitor with a standard C64 KERNAL with a normal C64 start screen. Also are connectors for a headphone near by the control ports and a speaker with volume control. The most of the case are in plastic.

Above the keyboard are informations about the programming languages BASIC V2 and Logo, and about the periphery like datasette, floppy disk and printer.

Other differences against the C64[edit]

  • No information about changing the text colour on the number keys.
  • The control ports for the joysticks are in front of the keyboard.
  • The other ports are on the right side of the case.


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