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Novaterm is a communications software package for the C64/C, SX-64, or C128 in 64 mode. Novaterm was created by Nick Rossi and has been updated several times. The last commercial version was 9.6c. Novaterm is considered to be the best communications software packages ever developed for the Commodore 64. Here is the main menu following bootup:

  • Terminal
  • Dial a number
  • Configuration
  • Disk operations
  • Buffer menu
  • Device settings
  • Utility modules
  • Exit terminal

The user selects the highlighted option. This is quite a powerful tool as many options are at the disposal of the user. This package supports multiple disk drives, different modem interfaces (including SwiftLink and Turbo 232), disk and file utilities, and even has a simple BBS! This version has Zmodem upload & download protocols. It is quite configurable to nearly any hardware setup.