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MMC Replay with RR-Net

The MMC Replay is another extended performance card developed for use on both the Commodore 64 and 128 platforms. With this card the user can connect and use SD memory cards (4 gig has been known to work—actual limit not listed in the manual). The card also has two buttons for freeze mode and reset. The MMC Replay also has a built-in BIOS containing software to access the SD card. Options available include creating and restoring D64 files, flashing the BIOS, browsing the contents of the SD card, and the ability to add plug-ins for enhanced use.

Another feature of the MMC Replay is the ability to add the RR-Net ethernet card. This gives the user the ability to access machines on the local intranet or even the Internet itself! Software such as Contiki is required to take advantage of this feature.

This is the future technology for Commodore owners and has great potentials for future development for computers which are supposed to be outdated.

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