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The most important input device: The keyboard of a C64.
The most important input device for gamers or players: A joystick (Competition Pro 5000).

An input device is used by computer systems for data and information input. Input devices are used for controlling and programming the computer or the used computer software.

These output devices are used:

  • Keyboard - the most important input device.
  • Joystick - famous for homecomputers and for controlling computer games.
  • Paddles - alternative to a joystick
  • Mouse - today the second important input device, alternative to a joystick
  • Touchpad and Trackball - today onat laptops, alternative to a mouse
  • Light pen - for painting on a monitor, alternative to a mouse
  • Light gun - an optical input device for computer games
  • Pads - special pads for games or applications like CAD
  • MIDI Keyboard without own sound generator, for playing music into the computer
  • Microphone for recording sound, music or the human voice
  • Scanner for reading documents or pictures
  • TV, radio or video cartridge
  • Video or digital foto cameras without internal memory
  • Optical sensors

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