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Cover of first issue INPUT 64 - 01/1985

INPUT 64 (ISSN 0177-3771) was a computer magazine for the C64, which was published monthly in Germany from 1985 until 1988. It contains a data medium like a datasette or a floppy disk, which a electric computer magazine (today known as diskmag).

Description[edit | edit source]

The title of the magazine is named similair with the BASIC command INPUT, which is using for input datas. The first letters of the subtitles words are together "INPUT 64" (German words Infos, News, Programme, Unterhaltung and Tips). That was also the concept of this computer magazine.

It was published by the Publisher Heise Verlag from Hannover in the years 1985 until 1988. The first floppy disk version was published in 04/1985. The last tape version was published in 07/1987. Since the issue 08/1987 was changed the format of the magzine from A5 in 5,25". Each magazine contain 36 sites.

2 special issue was published:

  • "INPUT 64 Special 1": With a complete English grammar course (short: EGRAM)
  • "INPUT 64 Special 2": With the assembler editor / monitor INPUT ASS and a assembler course for the chip 6502/6510, also a simulator 6502/6510 and a re-assembler.

The advantage of the thise magazine was, that over the diskmag menu the readers the programs can easily load and start. The software was described in detail in the print computer magazine. The tape and the floppy disk was write protected!

Design[edit | edit source]

... Intro of INPUT 64 (First issue 1/85) ...
... Diskmag menu (issue 1/85) ...

... Intro of INPUT 64 (issue 3/87) ...
... Diskmag menu (issue 3/87) ...

After a short intro with music (main theme) appears the diskmag menu. The programs are short descripted in this menu. With the key SPACE  can changed the program, which is load by pushing the key RETURN .

The Diskmag Control

  • CRTL  + B  Print actually screen. (since issue 4/85)
  • CRTL  + F  Change the background color. (since issue 1/86)
  • CRTL  + H  Help - a menu with the INPUT 64 function keys appears. (since issue 1/85)
  • CRTL  + I  Go back to the INPUT 64 diskmag menu by leaving the loaded program. (since issue 1/85)
  • CRTL  + Q  Break up the intro. (since issue 3/85)
  • CRTL  + R  Change the frame color. (since issue 1/86)
  • CRTL  + S  Save the loaded program on another data medium, because some functions of some programs aren't allowed under the diskmag OS INPUT 64. (since issue 1/85)

Covers[edit | edit source]

Ausgabe 01/1985 Ausgabe 02/1985 Ausgabe 03/1985 Ausgabe 04/1985 Ausgabe 05/1985 Ausgabe 06/1985 Ausgabe 07/1985 Ausgabe 08/1985 Ausgabe 09/1985 Ausgabe 10/1985 Ausgabe 11/1985 Ausgabe 12/1985

Input64 8501.jpg

Input64 2-85.jpg

INPUT64 031985.jpg

INPUT64 041985.jpg

INPUT64 051985.jpg

INPUT64 061985.jpg

INPUT64 071985.jpg

INPUT64 081985.jpg


INPUT64 101985.jpg

INPUT64 111985.jpg

INPUT64 121985.jpg

Ausgabe 01/1986 Ausgabe 02/1986 Ausgabe 03/1986 Ausgabe 04/1986 Ausgabe 05/1986 Ausgabe 06/1986 Ausgabe 07/1986 Ausgabe 08/1986 Ausgabe 09/1986 Ausgabe 10/1986 Ausgabe 11/1986 Ausgabe 12/1986

INPUT64 011986.jpg

INPUT64 021986.jpg


INPUT64 041986.jpg

Input64 8605.jpg

INPUT64 061986.jpg

INPUT64 071986.jpg

INPUT64 081986.jpg

INPUT64 091986.jpg

INPUT64 101986.jpg

INPUT64 111986.jpg

INPUT64 121986.jpg

Ausgabe 01/1987 Ausgabe 02/1987 Ausgabe 03/1987 Ausgabe 04/1987 Ausgabe 05/1987 Ausgabe 06/1987 Ausgabe 07/1987 Ausgabe 08/1987 Ausgabe 09/1987 Ausgabe 10/1987 Ausgabe 11/1987 Ausgabe 12/1987

INPUT64 011987.jpg

INPUT64 Cover 287.jpg

Input64 8703.jpg

Input64 8704.jpg

INPUT64 051987.jpg

INPUT64 061987.jpg

INPUT64 071987.jpg


INPUT64 091987.jpg

INPUT64 Cover 1087.jpg

INPUT64 111987.jpg

INPUT64 121987.jpg

Ausgabe 01/1988 Ausgabe 02/1988 Ausgabe 03/1988 Ausgabe 04/1988 Ausgabe 05/1988 Ausgabe 06/1988 Ausgabe 07/1988 Ausgabe 08/1988 Ausgabe 09/1988 Ausgabe 10/1988 Ausgabe 11/1988 Ausgabe 12/1988




INPUT64 041988.jpg



INPUT64 071988.jpg






Sonderausgabe 01 Sonderausgabe 02



Programs[edit | edit source]

The programs, which are contains on the diskmag are listed in the German C64-Wiki.

Links[edit | edit source]

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