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The IEC-ATA is a adaptor for connecting PC harddisks at the serial bus of a Commodore computer. It exists a lot of version from the hard- and software The licence of the software is under (GPL).


This Project was been started in 2002 by Asbjørn Djupdal for his diploma thesis. After that he has got only developed the layout of the plate. The hardware based on a AVR8515 Atmel AVR with 32KB S-RAM.

Since 2004 engaged the German C64-Meeting (DE:Dienstagstreff) with the further development. ...

2005 was in coorperation with the project IEC2IEEE488 (author: NLQ) the new project 1591 started. Therefor was generated a new plate layout (IEC-ATA V2), which can be flasehd with a C64.

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