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Datamost, Inc
[[Image:|300px|Company Logo]]
Founded 1981
Closed 1984
Headquarters Chatsworth, California, United States
Manager David Gordon
Key People (choice) Dan Illowsky, Bob Bishop, Bob Flanagan, David Van Brink, Chris Oberth
Sector Books, Games

The company Datamost published computer books for programming and educational, computer games, educational games and applications for C64, Atari and Apple II, later also PC in the early 1980s. Datamost was founded by David Gordon in 1981. The company adress was: 19821 Nordhoff Street, Northridge. Datamost discontinued publishing in 1984.

Published Books for C64 (selection)[edit]

C64 Software (selection)[edit]


Kwik! series
  • Kwik-Calc! - an electronic spreadsheet program.
  • Kwik-Check! - a checking account reconciliation and maintenance program.
  • Kwik-File! - a database program.
  • Kwik-Load! - a floppy fast loader that speeds up the floppy 300% faster than normal Commodore-DOS.
  • Kwik-Pad! - desktp ultilities like calculator, memo pad, appointment book, calendar, adress book, etc.
  • Kwik-Paint! (formerly Magic Paint) - a painting program.
  • Kwik-Phone! - telecommunications package with phone book and bulletin board.
  • Kwik-Spell! - a spelling check program with 30.000+ word dictionary and for adding own vocabulary for Kwik-Write! and compatible to other word processors.
  • Kwik-Write! - a word processor for C64/128.



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