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The Crillion Construction Set or short the Crill-Edi is a level editor for the game Crillion (Breakout clone) developed by Oliver Kirwa. With this editor own levels can be created and saved easily. Crill-Edi is published in the book "64'er Spielesammlung‎ Edition 4", in the collection 64'er Spiele total and in the 64'er Sonderheft (special issue) no.43 and 85.

The versions of Crillion '93 (64'er special issue 85), Crillion V2 and Crillion Part2 have been created with this editor.

The following elements can set by click. The elements ball, block, the color field and slider can get one of six colours (blue, violet, red, yellow, cyan and green):

Element Name Description
Crillion Stein.png Wall At these element the ball impact back.
Crillion Ball.png Ball The always jumping ball.
Crillion Block.png Block By touching with the ball in the same color, the block dissappears.
Crillion Farbenwechsler.png Color field By touchig with the ball, the ball get the color of this field.
Crillion Schieber.png Slider By touching with the ball, the pusher moves one field forward.
Crillion Totenkopf.png Skull By touching one life is gone.

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