Commodore 1530

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Commodore 1530
Type: Datasette
Producer: Commodore
Released: 1978
Discontinued: 199?
Info: Different designs

The VIC-1530, Commodore 1530 or C2N (in Germany: VC-1530) are Commodore datassettes for the homecomputers VC20, C64, C128/D/DCR and PET.

The following model designs were used:

  • C2N (angularly model) in black
  • C2N (angularly model) in gray-yellow (beige)
  • 1530 with a small Commodore logo right-side in gray-yellow (150 * 195 * 50 mm, 700 g)
  • 1530 with a great Commodore logo left-side in gray-yellow (150 * 195 * 50 mm, 700 g)

All models, the C2N, 1530 and the 1531, are constructed in the same way. The only difference between the 1530 and the 1531 is the connector. It is possible to see a model number by opening the casing. Often it is the imprint '1531' on the plate.

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