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Commodore 128 D
Type: Homecomputer
Producer: Commodore
Price: $500
Released: 1986 (D) / 1988 (DCR)
Discontinued: 1989
Memory: 128 KByte, upgradeable

The C128DCR is a C128 but with an integrated power supply and 1571 disk (DOS 3.1) housed in a sheet-metal case and with an external keyboard. It features C64 / 128 KERNALs on a 32 Kbyte ROM and has 64 Kbytes of V-RAM.

It has three modes:

  1. C128 mode with BASIC 7.0 (default on power up)
  2. C64 mode with BASIC 2 (activated by typing GO64 or by resetting with the C= key depressed)
  3. CP/M mode with CP/M 3.0+ (after booting from CP/M system diskette)

The C128DCR model came about because the plastic case of the C128D leaked too much electromagnetic radiation. However, the minor changes still led to a slight incompatibility with the existing C128/C128D models, particularly with the floppy disk drive and some hardware extensions, such as plug-in modules. Additionally, instead of only 16 Kbyte V-RAM, the newer C128DCR mainboard allowed up to 64 Kbyte.

See C128 for further details.

Views[edit | edit source]

Commodore 128 DCR - Enclosure
Commodore 128 DCR - QWERTZ/QWERTY keyboard - switchable
Commodore 128 DCR - Rear view
Commodore 128 DCR - Ports

Mainboard[edit | edit source]

Commodore 128 DCR - Board & Floppy & Power
Commodore 128 DCR - Video block

First Steps[edit | edit source]

The C128D/DCR came with a comprehensive (over 500 pages) operating manual containing a step-by-step guide on how to connect and power up the C128D/DCR and its peripherals. It showed how to use the integrated commands and programming languages BASIC 7.0 and BASIC 2.0 (C64 mode) effectively. It contained an additional 16-page introductory manual and Chapter 7 on CP/M mode, which also came with its own separate 130-page manual. The manuals came in both bound and ring binder editions.

Handbook[edit | edit source]

Commodore 128 D - Starter Guide
Commodore 128 / 128D - Handbook
Commodore 128 / 128D - CP/M Handbook
1570 / 1571 Handbook

Diskette[edit | edit source]

Commodore 128 / 128D - CP/M & Utility Disk
1570 / 1571 Demo isk
C128 D 1571 Header Protection