Commodore-264 series

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The Commodore-264 series or the CBM-264 series, should replace the VIC-20 and the C64. To this series count the Commodore computers C16, C116 and Plus/4.

The label of this series is used, because Commodore sold these three computers with the name 232 (low-cost version), 264 and 364 (with voice synthesizer for speech output for the first time.

The base model was the 264 with a memory of 64 KByte RAM and 32 KByte ROM and also user selectable software. The founder of Commodore Jack Tramiel went out and the relesation of the Commodore-264 series was C16, C116 (low-cost C16) and Plus/4 (with software package 3+1).

These computers did not sell as well as the C64. This was one reason these computer systems were sold so cheaply in 1986. All three computers used the TED chip for graphics and sound and the CPU is the 8501 from MOS Technology.


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