Commodore-264 series

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The Commodore-264 series or the CBM-264 series, should replace the VIC-20 and the C64. To this series count the Commodore computers C16, C116 and Plus/4.

The label of this series is used, because Commodore selled this three computers with the name 232 (low-cost version), 264 and 364 (with voice synthesizer for speech output in the in the first time.

The basis model was the 264 with a memory of 64 KByte RAM and 32 KByte ROM and also user elected software. The founder of Commodore Jack Tramiel went out and the relesation of the Commodore-264 series was C16, C116 (low-cost C16) and Plus/4 (with software package 3+1).

The selling of these computers wasn't so successful than the selling of the C64. That was a reason this computer systems to sell cheap in 1986. All this three computers used for graphics and sound the chip TED and the CPU 8501 from MOS Technology.


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