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Clubtape Logo
Typ: Webradio / Podcast
Language(s): German / English
Founder: Thunder.Bird
First Broadcasting: 5.1.2019
Music: native SID / 2SID / Remix
  • weekly live saturdays 12-14 o'clock
  • extra issue on music cassette, which contains a exclusive data part

Clubtape is a livestream / podcast with C64-music and moderation.


The product Clubtape (short: CT) offers weekly information about and around the "C64 Club Berlin". Musically enriched with finest SID-tunes moderated by Thunder.Bird from the clubroom in Berlin-Spandau. The resulting podcast will be broadcasted live via Internet on Saturdays on the release date. The finished podcast will be added to the Webplayer playlist on the Homepage during the course of Saturday evening.

As a special gimmick, Clubtape will be released as a tangible medium "compact cassette" with an additional data section. Interested listeners and C64 Club Berlin-members will receive this on personal request. The software includes only non-commercial entertainment and information programs and is only included on the physical edition of the Clubtape.

Clubtape is exclusively private and to be understood as a hobby project under exclusion of financial interests. The programme is aimed at all age groups in the category of professional interest C64 as an information programme.


Different issues of Clubtape.

During a meeting at the end of 2018 with krautguy over a beer, the idea of a "weekly 50-page club magazine", which was mentioned in jest, formed into a much easier to produce medium "music cassette". The name is a combination of "club" (C64 Club Berlin) and "tape" (audio tape). The broadcast length of 45-74 minutes leaves on the free area of an audio cassette with usual run lengths of 60/90 minutes still plenty of space for software that can be played back via C2N. Datassette can be loaded into the C64 Clubtape was first broadcast live as OGG-Vorbis and FLAC compressed radio stream using XM-Play and Oddcast plugin via Icecast2 server on the first Saturday of 2019 during its creation. During the live broadcast on Saturdays you can get in contact with the person responsible for the broadcast Thunder.Bird on or via IRC on in channel #c64clubberlin. For the first four issues inferior microphones were used. Since issue CT64-005 the focus is on semi-professional hardware. Originally (CT64-003 to CT64-006) moderated separately German/English is combined bilingually since CT64-007.

First Broadcast[edit]

  • 05.01.2019 - Clubtape 001 Language German Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute (SID/rmx)
  • 12.01.2019 - Clubtape 002 Language German SID-Rosinen (SID exklusives Mastering)
  • 19.01.2019 - Clubtape 003 Language German ICC Spezial Language:english ICC Special (SID)
  • 26.01.2019 - Clubtape 004 Language German Remixer des Jahres Language:english ROTY 2018 (stereo SID)
  • 02.02.2019 - Clubtape 005 Language German VCFB Language:english VCFB (SID)
  • 09.02.2019 - Clubtape 006 Language German Auszeit Language:english Clubtape skip (SID)
  • 02.03.2019 - Clubtape 007 Language German&Language:english Post-BCC#13 (stereo surround SID)
  • 09.03.2019 - Clubtape 008 Language German&Language:english Future Composer (SID)
  • 16.03.2019 - Clubtape 009 Language German&Language:english Games I've played (SID)
  • 23.03.2019 - Clubtape 010 Language German&Language:english Happy 10th show (DJ SID set & SID)
  • 30.03.2019 - Clubtape 011 Language German&Language:english Timezone-Tango (2SID, SID & remix)
  • 06.04.2019 - Clubtape 012 Language German&Language:english Ich säch di dat! (SID)
  • 13.04.2019 - TuBclape 013 Language German&Language:english Die verspätete Ausgabe (SID)
  • 20.04.2019 - Special Clubtape 014 Pt.1 Language German&Language:english @Revision 2019 (SID, live report)
  • 21.04.2019 - Special live Report CT014 Language German&Language:english Revision 2019 Oldschool Computer Demo Competition (live report)
  • 22.04.2019 - Special Clubtape 014 Pt.2 Language German&Language:english @Revision 2019 (SID, live report)
  • 27.04.2019 - Clubtape 015 Language German&Language:english back on track (SID)
  • 12.05.2019 - Clubtape vs. Impromptu Language German&Language:english Remember the wall - Special 016: 2h23' 2 parts! (SID, remix, funny jingles)
  • 25.05.2019 - Clubtape 017 Language German&Language:english Technische Tollpatschigkeit (SID, experimental overdub)
  • 08.06.2019 - Clubtape 018 Language German&Language:english Double Feature (SID, pre-announcement special issue View of the day)
  • 08.06.2019 - Special Clubtape 018 - View of the day Language German&Language:english (2h live from the club room)
  • 15.06.2019 - Clubtape 019 without moderation Songs of the peoples (SIDs, anthems, temporarily unhosted)


All the songs you have played so far are already listed in the .cue files. These are located in the same directory as the downloadable Clubtape podcasts from a specially created cloud. You can find the podcasts and corresponding .cue files as well as native music tracks by clicking on the cloud symbol to the right of the show in the playlist. The file name of the podcast indicates the day and time of the mastering start. Broadcast name and title/artist are displayed by common players from the .cue file according to the current position.

Technical Details[edit]

  • Every single podcast has been pre-produced (CT64-007 w/o Script 'free talk')
  • "Live" means the time the podcast isn't finally compiled and streamed while it is parallel produced.
  • Streaming source: private VDSL2 50.000dn/10.000up over O2 (Telefonica) w/ daily new IP adress
  • A script to read the actual IP-Adress (every 30 hour) out of my router and writing it to the stream-link (thx Chagizzz!)
  • Technical broadcast specs: FLAC (for prof. relais use) ~ 4 clients | OGG Vorbis (160kBps for home use) ~ 50 clients (absolute netto-maximum)
  • Practical broadcast specs: aproximately 2 live listeners (in Germany)
  • Streaming server: Icecast2 over Oddcast3-Plugin for XM-Play
  • Mediaplayer: XM-Play wit native SID (rev. 37.1) Plugin
  • Mastering: Mixxx 2.1.5 (build 2h.1 r6783) mixdown to OGG Vorbis 160kBit/s ABR stereo with CUE-Sheet
  • On broadcast-days, the Podcast will be available as OGG Vorbis audiofile with CUE-Sheet (song titles)
  • Equipment: Zoom HD16 Home Recording Studio, Sennheiser HD 280 DJ-Headphones, Sennheiser e840 Microphone (dynamic), Laptop, C64, STEREOinSID

Broadcast Time[edit]

Regular Saturday at 12:00 CEST with transmission length between 45 and 143 (minutes), except the series also Saturday evening 20:00 or Sunday after announcement. The podcast can then be listened to and downloaded at Spontaneous Impromptu livestreams are possible without obligation if requested in Chat. In the 2nd half of 2019 no broadcasts took place.


A postcard from a listener.



  • Thunder.Bird