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  • Does this article really contain frequently asked questions?

Of course not. The author just comes up with some questions to which he knows the answer for sure.

What connection is there between C64-Wiki and Wikipedia?[edit source]

None. But both use MediaWiki as a software basis, that is why they look so similar.

What kind of articles are allowed in the C64-Wiki?[edit source]

Everything which is connected to the C64. For example articles about C64 software (games, applications), hardware (expansions, rebuildings, repairs), programming, persons (programmers, authors, musicians, hardware developer), companies, reports about personal experiences - and anything that comes to your mind. As everybody can join in the C64-Wiki, so everybody can join in defining the goal.

How does the editing work?[edit source]

Some help for the use of Wiki software and for editing articles can be found in the MediaWiki Manual.

Additionally there are some specials features in the C64-Wiki.

For beginners and a quick look-up of certain functions there is also the C64-Wiki Course.

What does "Wiki" mean?[edit source]

This is well explained in the Wikipedia: Wikipedia.

What possibilities for the design of an article do I have?[edit source]

A quick overview can be found here: Wikipedia:Cheatsheet and also here: Edit help.

Detailed (and building on each other) explanations are compiled in the C64-Wiki Course and the C64-Wiki Course Pro.

How do I create a table?[edit source]

The basics are explained in MediaWiki:tables.

It is very comfortable to use a spread sheet (e.g. OpenOffice) and then transform it to the table format of the mediawiki. You can do that online with the Copy & Paste Excel-to-Wiki Converter. It does not only work with Excel files but also with the OpenOffice format (.ods). You highlight the area that you want to convert (Note: do not highlight any empty lines - or it will take longer) and copy it into the converter's window. You better leave the button "format header" inactive. Send the data - and you copy the finished Wiki format back. Adapt the header of the table (template {{prettytable}} instead of {{table}}) and the last line (there is one too many created by the converter) and maybe add some links because they are not taken from the Office programme. Done.

How do you create the moving GIF images?[edit source]

A good answer is given in the article Creation of a GIF animation

Maybe there is helpful information in Creation of a GIF animation/alternative.

How you you create AVI videos that you can upload later on e.g. youtube.com?[edit source]

An answer is offered by this manual: How to create an AVI video

How do I integrate an SID file into the article?[edit source]

Unfortunately you can't :-(

The legal situation concerning the integration of such compositions is at least very unclear and very problematic.Language German

In addition for the playback of SID files a corresponding plugin would have to be installed with everyone who views the article...

Can I get notified about changes on articles by email?[edit source]

Yes. But there is some work to be done before:

  1. You have to be registered with the C64-Wiki.
  2. Your user data have to contain an email address (you can reach them through the link "preferences" in the top bar).
  3. Your email address needs to be authenticated (this can be requested in the "preferences").
  4. When the email address is authenticated you can activate the notification in the "preferences".
  5. The articles that you want to watch have to be in your watchlist (for this there is a top right link "watch" in every article).

The notification messages have the sender "WikiAdmin" with the email address "tech@c64-wiki.com". You do not receive notifications about changes you make yourself!

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