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Text Formatting
'''bold''' bold
''italic'' italic
* one
* two
* three
  • one
  • two
  • three
# one
# two
# three
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
== Headline ==

=== Subheading ===



[[Tazz]] Tazz
[[Tazz]]vote Tazzvote
[[Tazz|the game Tazz]] the game Tazz
http://wikimedia.org http://wikimedia.org
[http://wikimedia.org click] click
[[Image:Wizard of wor.jpg]] Wizard of wor.jpg
[[Image:Wizard of wor.jpg|thumb|80px|Cover]]
|one || two
|three || four
one two
three four
[[Category:Example Category]] appears at the bottom with

„Classification: Example Category“

[[:Category:Example Category]] Category:Example Category
#redirect [[xyz]]

The button Save page saves the changes. Show preview shows the page with the not yet saved changes. Before saving please always enter a short summary in the field "Summary" and first use the Preview.

Bascially: Be courageous - you can't destroy anything, all earlier versions of an article can be recovered easily. Do you want to try out all the formattings? Then you can test as you like on the playground.

For registered users

The option This is a minor edit and Watch this page can only be used by registered users.

Spelling corrections and format changes are mostly marked as minor edit. On the recent changes such changes are marked with the letter m („minor edit“). With Watch this page the page will added to your personal watchlist.

In the preferences you can set, whether these checkmarks should be placed as standard. There you can also change the size of the text box.

Edit conflicts

If you try to save a page that somebody else has just changed, the software will signal an edit conflict. You then receive a page with two text windows and a display of the differences. In the lower text window there is your version, in the upper one the one of the other editor. Now you can copy and paste your changes into the upper field and press "save" again.


Postings on the discussion pages of articles shoud be signed with four tildes:


gets to

--Username 10:57, 8. Mar 2004 (CET)

Locked pages

Some pages as the Main Page are protected and can only be edited by admins. Here you see instead of edit a link named view source. The same happens, when the C64-Wii is switch into the "Read-only-mode" due to maintenance.