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Brøderbund Logo
Founded 1980
Closed 1998
Headquarters San Rafael, California, USA
Manager Gary Carlston (1980-89)
Key People (choice)
Sector Video and Computer Games and Software
Information Take over by The Learning Company in 1998.
Currently is Ubisoft the holder of rights of the Brøderbund software

Brøderbund was a company for Edutainment Software. In the 1980s Brøderbund developed famous computer games.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1980 Brøderbund was founded by the brothers Doug and Gary Carlston in Eugene, Oregon. First they published the game Galactic Empire for TRS-80, which was written by Doug Carlston.
In 1981 their sister Cathy Carlston joined the company.
In 1984 Brøderbund took over the company Synapse Software. In the same year they published the famous application The Print Shop. One year later they closed Synapse Software, due to the company not being profitable enough.
In 1989 Gary and Cathy Carlson left Brøderbund.
In 1990 they published the famous adventure game Prince of Persia, which runs on PC and has since been released every year spiced up with a different story and new graphics. Another famous game for PC was Myst from 1993 and RealMyst from 2000.
In 1991 Brøderbund was changed into an incorporated company and listed on NASDAQ as BROD. Until 1995 the stock of Brøderbund rose up to $80.

In 1995 Brøderbund tried to take over the company The Learning Company, but was outbidden by rival Softkey. Three years later The Learning Company sold Brøderbund for ca. $420 million.

Ubisoft has been the rights holder of Brøderbund software since 2001.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

In Europe the German company Ariolasoft published Brøderbund software.

Games (Selection)[edit | edit source]

Applications (Selection)[edit | edit source]

Advertisment[edit | edit source]

Advertisment in computer magazines for games by Brøderbund, e.g. The Castles of Doctor Creep , Lode Runner, Raid on Bungeling Bay and Spelunker.

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