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A BASIC expansion enhanced and improved the original BASIC commands. A few BASIC expansions are used for general purpose other ones are optimized for special subjects, e.g. graphics, sound, disk management or for easier programming.

Types of BASIC expansions[edit | edit source]

On a C64 can a BASIC expansion loaded by floppy disc (software) or plug-in as cartridge (hardware) in expansion port. The BASIC expansion is programmed in machine code.

  • Generating machine code over DATA lines with BASIC programs. This is a very popular way.
  • Loading the BASIC expansion by floppy disc, before running a program with new commands of BASIC expansions.
  • Using a compiler, like Basic-Boss
  • Using a cartridge with a BASIC expansion.

Attention: BASIC programs, which contains commands of a BASIC expansion, are only useable by using this BASIC expansion. Without these appears a BASIC V2 error message!

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