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C64 BASIC-ROM chip of 1982,
Commodore Nr. 901226-01

In 8 KByte large memory area 40960-49151 ($A000-$BFFF) are the BASIC-ROM. The BASIC interpreter is in memory area ($A000-$BFFF) and ($E000-$E4D2). To modify the BASIC routines, these areas must be copied into the RAM.

Hex address Decimal address Description
$A000 40960 Basic cold start vector ($E394)
$A002 40962 Basic warm start vector ($E37B)
$A004 40964 Text "cbmbasic"
$A00C 40972 Addresses of the BASIC-commands -1 (END, FOR, NEXT, ... 35 addresses of 2 byte each)
$A052 41042 Addresses of the BASIC functions (SGN, INT, ABS, ... 23 addresses of 2 byte each)
$A080 41088 Hierarchy-codes and addresses of the operators -1 (10-times 1+2 Bytes)
$A09E 41118 BASIC key words as string in PETSCII; Bit 7 of the last character is set
$A129 41257 Keywords which have no action addresses - TAB(, TO, SPC(, ...; Bit 7 of the last character is set
$A140 41280 Keywords of the operands + - * etc.; also AND, OR as strings. Bit 7 of the last character is set
$A14D 41293 Keywords of the functions (SGN, INT, ABS, etc.) where bit 7 of the last character is set
$A19E 41374 Error messages (TOO MANY FILES, FILE OPEN, ... ); 29 messages where bit 7 of the last character is set
$A328 41768 Pointer-table to the error messages
$A364 41828 Messages of the interpreter (OK, ERROR IN, READY, BREAK)
$A38A 41866 Routine to search stack for FOR-NEXT and GOSUB
$A3B8 41912 Called at BASIC line insertion. Checks, if enough space available. After completion, $A3BF is executed
$A3BF 41919 Move bytes routine
$A3FB 41979 Check for space on stack
$A408 41992 Array area overflow check
$A435 42037 Output of error message ?OUT OF MEMORY
$A437 42039 Output of an error message, error number in X-register; uses vector in ($0300) to jump to $E38B
$A480 42112 Input waiting loop; uses vector in ($0302) to jump to basic warm start at $A483
$A49C 42140 Delete or Insert program lines and tokenize them
$A533 42291 Re-link BASIC program
$A560 42336 Input of a line via keyboard
$A579 42361 Token crunch -> text line to interpreter code; uses vector in ($0304) to get to $A57C
$A613 42515 Calculate start address of a program line
$A642 42562 BASIC command NEW
$A65E 42590 BASIC command CLR
$A68E 42638 Set program pointer to BASIC-start (loads $7A, $7B with $2B-1, $2C-1)
$A69C 42652 BASIC command LIST
$A717 42775 Convert BASIC code to clear text; uses vector (0306) to jump to $A71A
$A742 42818 BASIC-command FOR: Move 18 bytes to the stack 1) Pointer to the next instruction, 2) actual line number, 3) upper loop value, 4) step with (default value = 1), 5) name of the lop variable and 6) FOR-token.
$A7AE 42926 Interpreter loop, set up next statement for execution
$A7C4 42948 Check for program end
$A7E1 42977 execute BASIC command; uses vector ($0308) to point to $A7E4
$A7ED 42989 Executes BASIC keyword
$A81D 43037 BASIC command RESTORE: set data pointer at $41, $42 to the beginning of the actual basic text
$A82C 43052 BASIC command STOP (also END and program interruption)
$A82F 43055 BASIC command STOP
$A831 43057 BASIC command END
$A857 43095 BASIC command CONT
$A871 43121 BASIC command RUN
$A883 43139 BASIC command GOSUB: Move 5 bytes to the stack. 1) the pointer within CHRGET, 2) the actual line number, 3) token of GOSUB; after that, GOTO ($a8a0) will be called
$A8A0 43168 BASIC command GOTO
$A8D2 43218 BASIC command RETURN
$A8F8 43256 BASIC command DATA
$A906 43270 Find offset of the next separator
$A928 43304 BASIC command IF
$A93B 43323 BASIC command REM
$A94B 43339 BASIC command ON
$A96B 43371 Get decimal number (0...63999, usually a line number) from basic text into $14/$15
$A9A5 43429 BASIC command LET
$A9C4 43460 Value assignment of integer
$A9D6 43478 Value assignment of float
$A9D9 43481 Value assignment of string
$A9E3 43491 Assigns system variable TI$
$AA1D 43549 Check for digit in string, if so, continue with $AA27
$AA27 43559 Add PETSCII digit in string to float accumulator; Assumes C=0
$AA2C 43564 Value assignment to string variable (LET for strings)
$AA80 43648 BASIC command PRINT#
$AA86 43654 BASIC command CMD
$AA9A 43674 Part of the PRINT routine: Output string and continue with the handling of PRINT
$AAA0 43680 BASIC command PRINT
$AAB8 43704 Outputs variable; Numbers will be converted into string first
$AACA 43722 Append $00 as end indicator of string
$AAD7 43735 Outputs a CR/soft hyphenation (#$0D), followed by a line feed/newline (#$0A), if the channel number is 128
$AAF8 43768 TAB( (C=1) and SPC( (C=0)
$AB1E 43806 Output string: Output string, which is indicated by accu/Y reg, until 0 byte or quote is found
$AB3B 43835 Output of cursor right (or space if output not on screen)
$AB3F 43839 Output of a space character
$AB42 43842 Output of cursor right
$AB45 43845 Output of question mark (before error message)
$AB47 43847 Output of a PETSCII character, accu must contain PETSCII value
$AB4D 43853 Output error messages for read commands (INPUT / GET / READ)
$AB7B 43899 BASIC command GET
$ABA5 43941 BASIC command INPUT#
$ABBF 43967 BASIC command INPUT
$ABEA 44010 Get line into buffer
$ABF9 44025 Display input prompt
$AC06 44038 BASIC commands READ, GET and INPUT share this routine and will be distinguished by a flag in $11
$AC35 44085 Input routine for GET
$ACFC 44284 Messages ?EXTRA IGNORED and ?REDO FROM START, both followed by $0D (CR) and end of string $00.
$AD1D 44317 BASIC command NEXT
$AD61 44385 Check for valid loop
$AD8A 44426 FRMNUM: Get expression (FRMEVL) and check, if numeric
$AD9E 44446 FRMEVL: Analyzes any Basic formula expression and shows syntax errors. Set type flag $0D (Number: $00, string $FF). Sety

integer flag $0E (float: $00, integer: $80) puts values in FAC.

$AE83 44675 EVAL: Get next element of an expression; uses vector ($030A) to jump to $AE86
$AEA8 44712 Value for constant PI in 5 bytes float format
$AEF1 44785 Evaluates expression within brackets
$AEF7 44791 Check for closed bracket ")"
$AEFA 44794 Check for open bracket "("
$AEFD 44797 Check for comma
$AF08 44808 Outputs error message ?SYNTAX ERROR and returns to READY state
$AF0D 44813 Calculates NOT
$AF14 44820 Check for reserved variables. Set carry flag, if FAC points to ROM. This indicates the use of one of the reserved variables

TI$, TI, ST.

$AF28 44840 Get variable: Searches the variable list for one of the variables named in $45, $46
$AF48 44872 Reads clock counter and generate string, which contains TI$
$AFA7 44967 Calculate function: Determine type of function and evaluates it
$AFB1 44977 String function: check for open bracket, get expression (FRMEVL), checks for commas, get string.
$AFD1 45009 Analyze numeric function
$AFE6 45030 BASIC commands OR and AND, distinguished by flag $0B (= $FF at OR, $00 at AND).
$B016 45078 Comparison (<, =, > )
$B01B 45083 Numeric comparison
$B02E 45102 String comparison
$B081 45185 BASIC command DIM
$B08B 45195 Check if variable name is valid
$B0E7 45287 Searches variable in list, set variable pointer, create new variable, if name not found
$B113 45331 Check for character
$B11D 45341 Create variable
$B194 45460 Calculate pointer to first element of array
$B1A5 45477 Constant -32768 as float (5 bytes)
$B1AA 45482 Convert FAC to integer and save it to accu/Y reg
$B1B2 45490 Get positive integer from BASIC text
$B1BF 45503 Convert FAC to integer
$B1D1 45521 Get array variable from BASIC text
$B218 45592 Search for array name in pointer ($45, $46)
$B245 45637 Output error message ?BAD SUBSCRIPT
$B248 45640 Output error message ?ILLEGAL QUANTITY
$B24D 45645 Output error message ?REDIM\'D ARRAY
$B261 45665 Create array variable
$B30E 45838 Calculate address of a array element, set pointer ($47)
$B34C 45900 Calculate distance of given array element to the one which ($47) points to and write the result to X reg/Y reg
$B37D 45949 BASIC function FRE
$B391 45969 Convert 16-bit integer in accu/Y reg to float
$B39E 45982 BASIC function POS
$B3A2 45986 Convert the byte in Y reg to float and return it to FAC
$B3A6 45990 Check for direct mode: value $FF in flag $3A indicates direct mode
$B3AE 45998 Output error message ?UNDEF\'D FUNCTION
$B3B3 46003 BASIC command DEF FN
$B3E1 46049 Check syntax of FN
$B3F4 46068 BASIC function FN
$B465 46181 BASIC function STR$
$B475 46197 Make space for inserting into string
$B487 46215 Get string, pointer in accu/Y reg
$B4CA 46282 Store string pointer in descriptor stack
$B4F4 46324 Reserve space for string, length in accu
$B526 46374 Garbage Collection
$B606 46598 Searches in simple variables and arrays for a string which has to be saved by the next Garbage Collection interation.
$B63D 46653 Concatenates two strings
$B67A 46714 Move String to reserved area
$B6A3 46755 String management FRESTR
$B6DB 46811 Remove string pointer from descriptor stack
$B6EC 46828 BASIC function CHR$
$B700 46848 BASIC function LEFT$
$B72C 46892 BASIC function RIGHT$
$B737 46903 BASIC function MID$
$B761 46945 String parameter from stack: Get pointer for string descriptor and write it to $50, $51 and the length to accu (also X-reg)
$B77C 46972 BASIC function LEN
$B782 46978 Get string parameter (length in Y-reg), switch to numeric
$B78B 46987 BASIC function ASC
$B79B 47003 Read and evaluate expression from BASIC text; the 1 byte value is then stored in X-reg and in FAC+4
$B7AD 47021 BASIC function VAL
$B7EB 47083 GETADR and GETBYT: Get 16-bit integer (to $14, $15) and an 8 bit value (to X-reg) - e.g. parameter for WAIT and POKE.
$B7F7 47095 Converts FAC in 2-byte integer (scope 0 ... 65535) to $14, $15 and Y-Reg/accu
$B80D 47117 BASIC function PEEK
$B824 47140 BASIC command POKE
$B82D 47149 BASIC command WAIT
$B849 47177 FAC = FAC + 0,5; for rounding
$B850 47184 FAC = CONSTANT - FAC , accu and Y-register are pointing to CONSTANT (low and high byte)
$B853 47187 FAC = ARG - FAC
$B862 47202 Align exponent of FAC and ARG for addition
$B867 47207 FAC = CONSTANT (accu/Y reg) + FAC
$B86A 47210 FAC = ARG + FAC
$B947 47431 Invert mantissa of FAC
$B97E 47486 Output error message OVERFLOW
$B983 47491 Multiplies with one byte
$B9BC 47548 Constant 1.00 (table of constants in extended floating point format for LOG)
$B9C1 47553 Constant 03 (grade of polynome, then 4th coefficient)
$B9C2 47554 Constant 0.434255942 (1st coefficient)
$B9C7 47559 Constant 0.576584541 (2nd coefficient)
$B9CC 47564 Constant 0.961800759 (3rd coefficient)
$B9D1 47569 Constant 2.885390073 (4th coefficient)
$B9D6 47574 Constant 0.707106781 = 1/SQR(2)
$B9DB 47579 Constant 1.41421356 = SQR(2)
$B9E0 47584 Constant -0.5
$B9E5 47589 Constant 0.693147181 = LOG(2)
$B9EA 47594 BASIC-function LOG
$BA28 47656 FAC = constant (accu/Y reg) * FAC
$BA30 47664 FAC = ARG * FAC
$BA59 47705 Multiplies FAC with one byte and stores result to $26 .. $2A
$BA8C 47756 ARG = constant (accu/Y reg)
$BAB7 47799 Checks FAC and ARG
$BAE2 47842 FAC = FAC * 10
$BAF9 47865 Constant 10 as extended floating point format
$BAFE 47870 FAC = FAC / 10
$BB0F 47887 FAC = constant (accu/Y reg) / FAC
$BB14 47892 FAC = ARG / FAC
$BB8A 48010 Output error message ?DIVISION BY ZERO
$BBA2 48034 Transfer constant (accu/Y reg) to FAC
$BBC7 48071 FAC to accu #4 ($5C to $60)
$BBCA 48074 FAC to accu #3 ($57 to $5B)
$BBD0 48080 FAC to variable (the address, where $49 points to)
$BBFC 48124 ARG to FAC
$BC0C 48140 FAC (rounded) to ARG
$BC1B 48155 Rounds FAC
$BC2B 48171 Get sign of FAC: A=0 if FAC=0, A=1 if FAC positive, A=$FF if FAC negative
$BC39 48185 BASIC function SGN
$BC58 48216 BASIC function ABS
$BC5B 48219 Compare constant (accu/Y reg) with FAC: A=0 if equal, A=1 if FAC greater, A=$FF if FAC


$BC9B 48283 FAC to integer: converts FAC to 4-byte integer
$BCCC 48332 BASIC function INT
$BCF3 48371 Conversion PETSCII string to floating-point format
$BDB3 48563 Constant 9999999.9 (3 constants for float PETSCII conversion)
$BDB8 48568 Constant 99999999
$BDBD 48573 Constant 1000000000
$BDC2 48578 Output of "IN" and line number (from CURLIN $39, $3A)
$BDCD 48589 Output positive integer number in accu/X reg
$BDDD 48605 Convert FAC to PETSCII string which starts with $0100 and ends with $00. Start address in

accu/Y reg.

$BE68 48744 TI to string: convert TI to PETSCII string which starts with $0100 and ends with $00
$BF11 48913 Constant 0.5
$BF16 48918 Constant tables for integer PETSCII conversion
$BF3A 48954 Constant tables to convert TI to TI$
$BF71 49009 BASIC function SQR
$BF78 49016 Power function FAC = ARG to the power of constant (accu/Y reg)
$BF7B 49019 Power function FAC = ARG to the power of FAC
$BFB4 49076 Makes FAC negative
$BFBF 49087 Constant 1.44269504 = 1/LOG(2) (table of 8 constants to evaluate EXP - polynomal table)
$BFC4 49092 Constant 07: 7 = Grade of polynome (followed by 8 coefficient constants)
$BFC5 49093 Constant 2.149875 E-5
$BFCA 49098 Constant 1.435231 E-4
$BFCF 49103 Constant 1.342263 E-3
$BFD4 49108 Constant 9.641017 E-3
$BFD9 49113 Constant 5.550513 E-2
$BFDE 49118 Constant 2.402263 E-4
$BFE3 49123 Constant 6.931471 E-1
$BFE8 49128 Constant 1.00
$BFED 49133 BASIC function EXP

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