1541-III firmware

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1541-III firmware
Category Disk emulation software
Developer Jan Derogee
Year 2006
Cost Free
Operating system
Platform PIC microcontroller
Compatible hardware 1541-III, 1541-III-DTV
Website http://jderogee.tripod.com/projects/1541-III

The 1541-III firmware emulates the Commodore 1541 on a MMC/SD card interface.[1]

Development[edit | edit source]

The 1541-III firmware was developed by Jan Derogee in 2006 for his 1541-III hardware. The firmware was updated until 2009. Then FPGA-based disk emulation tools with full 1541 compatibility (such as the 1541 Ultimate) had been introduced, and the project was closed. The latest firmware beta includes JiffyDOS fastloader support.[1]

The 1541-III firmware is also used in the 1541-III-DTV which is a variant of the 1541-III for the C64DTV. The 1541-III-DTV was designed by Pyrofer and Jussi Saily.[2]

The MMC2IEC hardware and firmware started as a port of the 1541-III idea to the AVR microcontroller platform. The sd2iec firmware is based on the MMC2IEC firmware.

References[edit | edit source]