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Xonox Logo
Founded ca. 1980
Closed 1983
Headquarters USA
Key People (choice)
Sector Video and computers games

Xonox was a popular computer game company of the 1980s.

History[edit | edit source]

Xonox was a sister company of K-Tel, which was a famous company for TV Marketing.

K-Tel tried to enter the video game market with Xonox. Until, Xonox developed for the Atari VCS, Colecovision, C64 and VIC-20. Xonox' games belong more to the masses of bad games which are responsible to the video game crash.

To be able to stand out from the crowd, Xonox initially sold its games as double-end plug-in modules. With this they wanted to appeal to the player who had a small budget. But the doublesenders didn't bring the desired success and many games were released as regular cartridges a second time as well as some new titles.

In 1983 Xonox was one of the first companies to be hit by the video game crash and closed its doors.

C64 Games (Selection)[edit | edit source]

A scene from "Artillery Duel" (1983).

  • Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor
  • Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Chuck Norris Superkicks/Artillery Duel
  • Tomarc the Barbarian

Cartridge Double Ender[edit | edit source]

In contrast to regular plug-in modules, the double enders can be plugged in on both sides and therefore contain two games per plug-in module. A Double Ender module is about twice as long as a regular module to accommodate two games. Xonox was by no means the first company to use this system. Playaround, a provider of games with clearly sexual content, was the first company to produce doubleender. However, Xonox is still relatively well known today because of its doublesenders. Doppelender modules are popular collector's items since Xonox was only briefly on the market and Xonox plug-in modules are therefore very rare.


  • Xonox Double Ender: Chuck Norris Superkicks and Spike's Peak
  • Xonox Double-Ender: Artillery Duel and Chuck Norris Superkicks
  • Xonox Double Ender: Artillery Duel and Ghost Manor
  • Xonox Double Ender: Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot
  • Xonox Double Ender: Artillery Duel and Spike's Peak
  • Xonox Double-Ender: Spike's Peak and Ghost Manor
  • Xonox Double Ender: Chuck Norris Superkicks and Ghost Manor
  • Xonox Double-Ender: Tomarc the Barbarian and Motocross Racer

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