VIC-20 Final Expansion

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Final Expansion
Final Expansion board

The VIC-20 Final Expansion is a universal memory expansion for the VIC-20. The FE is plugged into the expansion slot of the VIC-20. The current version v3.1 offers the following possibilities:

The final expansion can start every known VIC-20 software. Starting of games and programmes can be done comfortably over a menu. The FE offers the software the required surrounding and adjusts it automatically (memory configuration).

Hardware[edit | edit source]

Next to the two memory chips (SRAM and EEPROM) there is also an Atmel ATmega644 controller and an Atmel ATF1504 CPLD on the board, which represents the hardware logic of the FE in only one chip.

Software[edit | edit source]

The firmware of the FE3 is stored in flash-ROM and is available right after switching on or resetting the VIC-20.

RAM configuration: This menu item lets you adjust all known memory configurations of the VIC-20.

Diskloader: This menu item supports the comfortable loading and executing of programmes. The diskloader is freely configurable and supports all types of floppy disk drives and of course the integrated SD2IEC.

Cartloader: With this you can start the programmes comfortably, which are stored in the memory. In the flash 480KB (of 512KB) are available. Everyone can transfer his favourite programmes into the flash memory. You can pogram any programme (BASIC, programme, cartridge) into the flash memory.

FE3 Wedge: This small tool expands the instruction set of the VIC-20 and implements SJLOAD/SJSAVE (Jiffy compatible loading and saving). As the integrated SD2IEC is also Jiffy compatible, one profits directly (also in the diskloader) from the speed advantage that the SJLOAD offers.

Reproduction[edit | edit source]

The plans for the FE are freely available and the software is Open Source. For skilled amateurs or electronic technicians the interface is easy to build. If you don't want to create a board yourself, you can also build the FE on an 8 Bit Baby (see also Final Expansion v1).

You can buy a kit of the current version v3.2 from Retro-Donald from the Forum64. The shop can be found here web shop. The assembling instruction can be found in the web shop and here.

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