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Hello and welcome to my little page on the C64 Wiki. I’ve been warmly welcomed and asked to say something about myself, so here goes…

My first computer was a VIC-20, then a C64, followed by an Amiga. I learned most of my initial programming on the first two and still have very fond memories of the C64 in particular. I still have all three computers, but if I ever feel the urge tend to use emulators these days.

I’m from the UK and a semi-retired science, technology, engineering and maths lecturer, with probably far too much enthusiasm for my subjects for a man of my age :)

The C64 Wiki is a great and friendly project, and I hope to contribute mostly by tidying up pages, correcting grammar and expanding definitions, even if only sporadically. I’ve been greatly impressed by the German-English translation skills here, so I hope no one’s offended by my modifications.